Orientation and mobility

In order to enable visually handicapped prospective students to lead a self-responsible, independent life in Karlsruhe by the beginning of each winter term, in September ACCESS@KIT usually offers an individual mobility training adapted to the personal needs of each student. This training is not carried out by ACCESS@KIT itself, but by professional training staff. However, the corresponding contacts are established by the SZS as early as in May during the Orientation Unit.

On the basis of a confidential questionnaire, the mobility plan is adapted to the needs of each individual student and implemented according to a check list in co-operation with ACCESS@KIT. The participants receive training in the following areas

with reference to the university

  • construction of a mental map
  • important buildings situated on the campus
  • important meeting points in the vicinity of the campus

with reference to the city

  • pedestrian crossings regulated by traffic lights
  • pedestrian precincts and central places
  • shopping centres and shops
  • public transport; them most important bus or tram lines and stops
  • the main station and its surroungings

with reference to daily life

  • restaurants, bars and cafés
  • theatres and cinemas
  • banks
  • doctors and social services
  • travel agencies

In addition, personal areas of interest of the blind and visually impaired students planning to study at university are also taken into account. During the course of studies, further specific mobility training may be provided on demand. The mobility training is financed - independently of the SZS - directly by the participants' health insurance.

The mobility training is carried out by:

reha-team für blinde und sehbehinderte
birgit lang, christoph erbach, ottmar kappen

phone and fax: 07000 - 7349375

Büro Rhein-Neckar
Mannheimer Str. 66
69198 Schriesheim

Büro Odenwald
Ober-Liebersbach 10
69509 Mörlenbach