MOBAVIP - Mobility and Orientation for Blind And Visually Impaired Persons


Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci

Project duration:

1.11.2008 – 30.11.2010

Project applicant:

National Commisson Persons with Disability, Malta


Provision Solutions, UK
sehwerk: orientation and mobility


• The reason for the project (the main problem being tackled)
• The main aims and objectives of the projects
• The characteristics of the partnership that will implement the proposal
• A general description of the tangible and intangible outcomes
• The impact envisaged.

Mobility and Orientation Training (MOT) enables these persons to learn how to orientate themselves and move about in their every day lives, be it at home, at their place of work, and even in the outside world. This project seeks to address the need of MOT to be provided for Blind and Visually Impaired persons in Malta, since at present it is not being provided. Orientation and Mobility training plays a fundamental role in helping blind and visually impaired persons in achieving and maximising their independence.

The main aims and objectives of this project are:
• To study the situation of blind and visually impaired persons vis-à-vis mobility and orientation and identify the needs perceived in this area.
• To develop a short-preparatory course regarding mobility and orientation for persons interested in pursuing their studies in this area, including Disability Equality Training.
• To deliver this short-course to a number of sighted persons in mobility and orientation while empowering them to pursue further studies to become qualified instructors and thus improving their opportunity to enter employment in this area.
• To promote the use of ICT among beneficiaries of the project.
• To pass on the knowledge gained from the preparatory course by the participants, to blind and visually impaired persons to improve their orientation and mobility skills thus providing them with more skills to be able to enter the labour market and find gainful employment.
• To increase the independence of blind and visually-impaired persons through boosting their ability to orientate themselves and be able to move around unassisted, or as independently as possible in their home, at school, at work and in the community. 
The consortium will involve the National Commission Persons with Disability in Malta, with significant experience in participating in disability related project, Provision Solutions in the UK, having expertise in the field of rehabilitative services particularly mobility and orientation training, and the Study Centre for the Visually Impaired in Germany, having expertise in the field of utilizing ICT to support blind and visually impaired persons in their tertiary studies.

Through this project persons aspiring to become qualified mobility and orientation instructors will have the opportunity to participate in this preparatory and gain a better understanding of what the skills and competencies that this vocation incurs. Through this project, a number of blind and visually impaired persons who had never received MOT before, will receive this training which will instantly boost their independence thus there potential of participate more actively in society.