Training Material for Students with Visual Impairments

A study course is very different from the everyday school life. Students with visual impairment must therefore acquire new, special skills, that will help them to face a scientific-technical study course. Often, these skills must also be learned during the study course, in such case as students experience a progressive visual loss that makes it necessary for them to change to work techniques specific to visually impaired people in a gradual way.

The SZS provides therefore a training programme that is continuously developed. The contents of the trainings encompass for instance: dealing with complex mathematical formulae, access to chemistry, introduction to specific study-relevant tools and dealing with tactile graphical material.

The Project is financed by quality assurance funds. These funds should Support sustainability of research and teaching.

Project Duration

01.04.2013 - 31.03.2014

Publications (in German only)

Erstellen und Lesen von Präsentationen für Menschen mit Sehschädigung. Open Access am KIT.

Be Smart Cooperate Worldwide (BSCW) ist nun auch für Menschen mit Blindheit nutzbar. Ein Zugang zu Groupware Systemen.

Erkennen und Verstehen von taktilen Grafiken.