Student Workroom

The ACCESS@KIT student workroom is available for visually impaired students not only for written exams but also for studying during the semester.
There are two work stations especially equipped for students with visual impairment. They each have a big screen and up-to-date magnifying software with speech output. There are two modern screen-reading devices in addition to that.
There are two work places for blind students which are equipped with the latest screen reading versions of JAWS and NVDA and Braille displays each. It is also possible to print Braille there.
Students with low remaining visual abilities can work on one of these work places with either a large screen or speech output as well as with a Braille display if requested.
In the student workroom printed tactile graphics supplementing the teaching material are placed there ready for collection.
Within the framework of the Accessibility Lab new software and devices can be tested and also be used for events on trail.