At the ACCESS@KIT - Center for Digital Accessibility and Assistive Technology (former SZS) an interdisciplinary team of academic and administrative staff as well as student assistantsworks together. The team is lead by Prof. Dr. Rainer Stiefelhagen and Dr. Karin Müller. ACCESS@KIT is part of the Faculty of Computer Science.

Mission Statement

  • The ACCESS@KIT supports and advises visually impaired students and prospective students in all study courses offered at KIT.
  • Our cross-disciplinary team continuously develops innovative and individual solutions for accessible studies, especially in STEM (science, technologies, engineering and informatics) fields.
  • At ACCESS@KIT, KIT- students have access to comprehensive state-of-the-art equipment and Assistive Technology.
  • We create opportunities in order to exchange experience and provide access to our existing networks.
  • Thereby, students with blindness or low vision get the opportunity to study in a self-determined and inclusive way at KIT and to find access to professional life.
  • Together with the Chair of Computer Systems for Visually Impaired Students we do research on Assistive Technologies and on new ways of getting access to STEM fields.
  • It is important to us to pass on our know-how to external institutions by offering regular events, via our homepage and selected projects.