Thorsten Schwarz KIT

Dr. Thorsten Schwarz

Head of literature supply for visually impaired students - Infos und Flyer zur Literaturumsetzung
Head of the "ACCESS@KIT Accessibility Lab"
IT representative

- Pool of assistive technologies for students



Lecture: Digitale Barrierefreiheit und Assistive Technologien (im Sommersemester)
Seminar: Digitale Barrierefreiheit und Assistive Technologien (im Wintersemester)
Lecture: Ausgewählte Themen für das Informatik-Lehramt (im Wintersemester)
Training for the creation of accessible documents

Supervised theses

11/2022: Manuel Ports - Image2LaTeX – ML-based Recognition and Interactive Labeling of Mathematical Formulas for Enhancing Document Accessibility (MA)
09/2022: Zihan Chen - Accessible Chemical Structural Formulas through Interactive Labeling (MA)
07/2022: Florian Günther - LaTeX to Word (accessible LaTeX to Word export) (BA)
09/2021: Stefan Scheiffele - Interface for automatic tactile display of data plots (BA)
02/2021: Frederik Lingg - Addressing Problematic Unicode Mappings in PDF Documents (BA)
12/2020: Lukas Schölch - Development of an interactive system for audio-tactile capturing of digital documents (BA)
03/2020: Baumgärtner, Christopher - Image-based recognition of Braille using neural networks on mobile devices (MA)
03/2020: Anken, Julia - Development of an individualizable, interactive learning environment for visually impaired people in Virtual Reality (MA)

07/2019: Akbari, Arsalan - Screen magnifier via eye-/headtracking (MA)
03/2019: Korrmann, Manuel - Improving the accessibility of PDFs with neural networks (MA)
10/2018: Dado, Mehdi - LaTeX to Accessible EPUB (BA)
03/2018: Rajgopal, Sachin - Accessible EPUB (BA)
10/2017: Dzierzawski, Patryk - Prototypical development of a vibro-tactile navigation support for visually impaired people (BA)
09/2017: Gerber, Mike - PDF document structure recognition for accessibility (DA)
09/2017: Wußler, Denise - Development of a graphic and Braille-optimised embossing printer for the production of tactile materials for visually impaired people (BA) (Kooperation mit IMT/KIT)
02/2017: Zhu, Shengwen - Software magnifier with eye-tracking for visually impaired (MA)
10/2016: Dolp, Reiner - Optical Braille Recognition (BA)